Tentative Routes Selected for 2015 Tour de Vino

These routes are still subject to change up until the ride, but we thought we would post them. Everyone will get a map at check-in the morning of the event.

Here is a link to the course for the wineries. Remember, the way it will work this year is you are free to come and go to each winery as you please. We will post a time that everyone should be back at the lake. Remember to plan your time accordingly.



Now, for the longer, gravel grinder’s course. This one is subject to change as well. You brave folks will totally be on your own and this course will be minimally marked – but you’re used to that!






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Big Changes for Tour de Vino 2015!

This year’s Tour de Vino will once again be a ride full of fun, entertainment and great wines, but with several new twists. All the changes have been made to make things more enjoyable and easy for you, the rider.

First, we have moved the location. This year we will headquarter at Lake Miola in Paola. This city lake has better parking, more open area and is still located close to the winery tour route. The biggest benefit for moving is that it will allow all the wineries to be represented after the ride. Due to state laws, only the host could sell their wine post ride in the past. So, if you missed a winery or want to purchase additional bottles of wine – you may now do so after riding!

Another change will be the routes. In the past, MiCo Velo led 3 different routes, all different lengths and with varying winery stops. This year, there won’t be any led rides. Instead, we will mark a course, or route, open for all riders to come and go as they please and when they please. That way, if you want to spend more time at one winery before moving on, or decide to just visit one winery and relax, you can. Plus, if you are more of a hard core cyclist that is training for one of the gravel races or rides, we are creating a much longer route (50 miles). This longer route will end at one of the wineries where you may join the rest of the riders and enjoy the wine. All we ask is that all cyclists return to the lake by the cut off time (to be announced) so all the […]

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We are changing our membership policy

Starting in 2015, MiCo Velo will no longer have a membership program. You might ask, how do you have a club without memberships? Well, instead of charging people to say they are members, but not always participating, we will instead reward participants in our events by discounting future events.


Here’s how it will work this year: if you register for 2015 Tour de Vino, we will offer you a discount to the 2015 Rock & Roll to Roots. You should receive an email confirmation after registering. Simply click the coupon link provided and register for Roots at a discounted price. It’s that easy!


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